As 4th Kingsgrove Scouts, we wear our uniform with pride. The uniform standards apply to Scouts right across Australia.


Sharing similarities with other Scout uniforms throughout the world, our 4th Kingsgrove the Scout Uniform clearly identifies us as members of a National Scout Organisation, of the World Scout Movement, and all of the wonderful things associated with being a Scout.

The uniform is designed to be light and comfortable to wear, and wearable in many situations. The uniform also offers us the opportunity to display badges celebrating our achievements or recognising our identity as members of the Australian Scouting community.

All Scouts in Australia wear a uniform to Scouting events, with a unique scarf identifying their Group. Our scarf is maroon in colour with a double gold stripe along the edge.

ShirtOfficial Scout shirt
Scarf Supplied by the Group. Worn neatly rolled and under the collar, secured with a woggle.
Bottoms (below waist)Plain beige, stone or neutral coloured shorts or long pants, depending on the weather, are the official standard. You are welcome to wear shorts or skorts that are modest in length, that match this colour - no logos or other colours.
FootwearFully enclosed footwear shoes, boots, joggers or sandshoes with socks. NO thongs, crocs, sandals or other open footwear.
OptionalIf you wish to wear a belt with your regular or formal uniform, it should be plain black, navy or brown. There is an official Scouting belt also available from the Scout Shop.
HairAll hair should be neatly tied back where appropriate. If wearing ribbons, they should be navy or you may like to wear yellow or maroon, which are our 4th Kingsgrove colours.
HatsHats should have a wide brim and are compulsory for outdoor activities. Any brand is fine, however the Scout Shop have some great options available.
Official Scout shirt

The official Scout shirt is available from the national Scout shop online: https://scoutshop.com.au/ or from the NSW Scout Shop located in Port Kembla.

The NSW Scout Shop will happily take orders via the phone: (02) 4274 1193 or in person if you wish to travel. We’d recommend calling first to check their current opening times, they are not open of a weekend. You can find them at: 85 Wentworth St, Port Kembla.

You should buy the correct shirt for the section your child is in. Note, we may have some second-hand uniforms available for purchase as well.

Formal occasions

For more formal occasions such as ANZAC Day or award ceremonies, a slightly more formal version of our uniform is worn.

This is the same as our regular uniform, except we will wear black shoes, preferably school ones, instead of sneakers. Plain black sneakers are permissible if no other options are available. Note that any leather shoes, should be polished for formal occasions.

Hair should be neatly tied back if below the ears, or brushed/neatly combed. Uniforms should be clean and ironed where appropriate.

Jumpers and jackets

Your child may wear any jumper or jacket they wish to Scouts, but they must be removed during Parade. The only jumpers or jackets that can be worn during parade are official Scout ones, also available from the Scout shop.

During parade, we remove non-Scout clothing to show our respect to our peers, our Leaders and to the Australian flag. Scouts are welcome to put their jacket or jumper back on afterwards.

Purchasing uniform bottoms

Our beige uniform bottoms are a common colour easily found in both shorts or long pants at most major retailers.

You will have no trouble sourcing options from Best & Less, Big W, Target, Kmart, Anaconda, Decathlon, Snowgum, Kathmandu or other retailers. You can also source uniform bottoms from the NSW or national Scout Shops.

Check with your child’s Leaders if you aren’t sure about what to purchase.

Badge placement

All badges should be sewn on, we have a sewing service if needed.

Please see the image opposite for where badges should be sewn on. You can also download the badge placement guide in PDF format, here. If you’re not sure where badges go, please just ask your child’s Leaders.

When your child is invested in their first section, they receive the following badges:

  • 4th Kingsgrove name tape
  • South Metropolitan Region badge
  • Australian Scout flag badge
  • World Membership badge

If they have completed their ‘Introduction to Section’ in Terrain or with our Leaders, they will also receive their section badge.

Note for youth members linking up to the next section, you should move some of your badges across to your new shirt when you get them, including the four mentioned above and outdoor adventure levels – have a chat with your Leaders about which ones continue on!

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