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Interested in becoming part of our Scouting family? Look no further!


So you want to join Scouts or have a child who'd love to give it a go? Look no further!

Welcome to the 4th Kingsgrove Scout Group and to an exciting adventure! 4th Kingsgrove has been around for a long time, and boys and girls of all ages have a fantastic time and make lifelong friends.

Scouts is a journey of fun, exploration, and making new friends that we know you will enjoy.

We have wonderful adult leaders who are there to help you and guide you so that you get the most out of your scouting adventure, but it is also up to you to decide what you want to get from Scouts and then go and get it. If you have questions, are unsure about something or want to know more just ask one of your scouting friends, one of the adult leaders or even the Group Leader. That is why we are here.

How do I join?

We’d recommend coming along once or twice, to see if your child enjoys themselves before committing to join. After you have attended, or even prior to doing so, we would recommend registering your child so they can commence their free trial period with us – this also means they are covered by insurance when attending our hall. They are then welcome to come for a couple of weeks and see if they are interested in being a Scout, then we’ll progress your application or close it, depending on your decision.

Our unit or section ages and meeting times are as follows:

  • Joeys is between 6-7pm on Friday evenings and is suitable for children aged 5* through to 8.
  • Cubs is between 6:30-8pm on Tuesday evenings and is suitable for children aged 8 through to 11.
  • Scouts is between 7:30-9:30pm on Friday evenings and is suitable for children aged 11 through to 15.
  • Venturers is between 7:30-9:30pm on Friday evenings and is suitable for children aged 15 through to 18.

*Children aged 5 must be attending school.

Note that regarding the above ages, if your child is close to the top age in that section, you may prefer to trial the one above. When Joeys turn 8 or are about to turn 8 for example, they begin linking over a period of 4 weeks with our Cubs, to provide a smooth transition period. When our Cubs turn 11, they in turn begin linking with our Scout unit, as do our Scouts once they near 15 with our Venturers.
Sign up for a trial or register as a member

If we do not have a suitable section with space for your child, we are happy to assist you with finding another group nearby.

  • When filling out the form, choose New Member
  • Then choose Trial Member when prompted.

This form will then be sent to our Group Leader, Rebecca (Mao), who will check all the required info is there and then pass that information on to the relevant youth section. Once we approve the form, your child will be approved as a ‘pending member’ undergoing their trial period, but most importantly will be able to partcipate fully in any other activities we do.

Once you have decided Scouts is right for your child, you will need to sign them up as a fee-paying member:

As a new member, there’s a one-off membership fee of of $60 for 2024, plus the Trek 1 and 2 fees, which are charged at a pro-rata rate. It should be noted that these fees are payable to Scouts NSW to cover important things like insurance for your child when participating in Scouting.

There’s also what we call subs, which are $40 per child, per calendar year. You can pay this directly to our Group via direct deposit, each term when invoiced or annually ($160). This helps us pay for resources and important things like electricity.

You can find out more about the membership costs, here.

Additionally, your child will need to get a uniform shirt and the correct colour bottoms to wear. You can find out more about this, on our uniform page.

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We are based in the heart of Kingsgrove, NSW.

Do your kids like making friends and going on adventures? Girls and boys aged 5-18 years can build lifelong skills with Scouts! Get in touch to find out more.

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