Joeys are kids who are aged between 5-8 years, who love making new friends and discovering a world of new adventures in a safe and friendly environment.
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Joeys are children between 5 – 8 years of age, attending school.

Note: If your child is about to turn 8 or is already 8 years of age, we would encourage you to check out our Cub unit. Our Joeys progress to Cubs around the time of their 8th birthday.

  • When: our Joeys meet at our Hall on Friday evenings, between 6pm to 7pm.
  • Where: our Hall in Kingsgrove, you can find directions and a map here.
  • What do they wear: our Joeys wear their uniform at these meetings, which includes their Joey uniform shirt, 4th Kingsgrove scarf along with beige or stone coloured pants or shorts, and comfortable shoes and socks.

This is the first age unit or section of the Scouting Journey.

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Joeys in our Joey Mob or Unit, focus on fun and friendship, and is a gentle introduction to Scouting.

Joeys is about fun and play while starting to learn social interaction and building confidence. We play lots of social games, and do lots of fun craft. We learn to cook and make fun stuff to take home. Sometimes they can bring mum or dad, or another adult, and sometimes we will encourage their independence.

Our Joeys attend an annual Region camp in the first half of the year, as well as have other camping opportunities through the year with our Group and Family camps. Joeys also attend hikes and Fun Days, and have other opportunities all year long to get outdoors such as the annual snow weekend and state activities.

Some of the things our Joeys did last year included: indoor rock climbing, several hikes (including to Wolli Creek Regional Park and Kamay-Botany Bay National Park), camped, attended days out at the South Met Region Camp in June and our Group Camp in November. Our Joeys undertake community service such as marching alongside veterans with Kingsgrove RSL on ANZAC Day and volunteering at events like the Christmas Night Markets at Bunnings, and help Bayside Council plant trees.

There are also special interest area badges Joeys can earn, as well as their milestone badges, outdoor adventure skills and they can also choose to work towards their Joey Peak Award: The Joey Challenge Award.

Joey Scout Achievement Pathways

Joey Scouts participate in the Achievement Pathways, and are rewarded with badges that recognise their achievements. This pathway is a continuous journey that is both section or unit specific, and also one that they continue throughout their Scouting Journey as they progress to Cubs and beyond.

Joey Scouts can decide if they wish, to work towards the peak award in Joeys, which is the Joey Scout Challenge Award. Not every Joey will achieve their Peak Award and that’s OK, everyone’s journey in Scouting is different and unique to them.

All Joeys continuously work toward their Milestones through participation and attendance at weekly meetings, and we encourage them to take the lead in games and activities, or to help the Leaders, these are called Leads and Assists.

Milestones are also age appropriate, so if a Joey joins at 5, they begin on Milestone 1, whilst a Joey who joins at 7 will begin on Milestone 3. Joeys need to complete Milestone 3 if they are working towards their Peak Award.

Special Interest Areas or SIA’s are where a Joey can plan a project or activity, work out how they will do it (Planning) and then execute it (Doing). These can be done outside Scouting, and photos or video shown to the Leaders or as an activity during our weekly meetings. The Leaders will then review the activity (Reviewing) with them, and sign off on the badgework. Joeys can plan this either in Terrain with a parent’s help or we have worksheets at the Hall they can use as well.

Outdoor Adventure Skills are earned through participating in different activities. Some of these may be at the Hall or on a weekend outing such as a hike or through camping. Outdoor Adventure Skills are continuously earned during their Scouting Journey and are worn on all uniforms, only replaced when they move up a level. The core skills are Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping, with a myriad of other skills in areas such as paddling, cycling, aquatic, alpine and more!

In order to work toward and earn their Joey Scout Promise Challenge, a Joey must achieve:

  • Complete Milestone 3
  • Achieve Level 1 in all 3 core Outoor skills (Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping)
  • Complete 6 projects across at least two different SIA areas
  • Participate in and reflect on an Adventurous Journey of at least 3 hours (this must be human powered)
  • Undertake a personal reflection of their journey through the Joey section and working on the award
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We are based in the heart of Kingsgrove, NSW.

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