Cubs are kids aged between 8-11 years that love exploring the outdoors, setting challenges & encountering new experiences!


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Cubs are girls and boys between 8 – 11 years of age.

Please note that due to current numbers in our Cub unit, we may be waitlisting Cubs. We would encourage you to check out surrounding groups if you’re keen to join a group right now or send us a message to see what our current situation is.

If your child is nearly 11 or is already 11 years of age, we would encourage you to check out our Scout unit, there is no waitlist for our Scout section. Our Cubs progress to Scouts around the time of their 11th birthday.

Our Cubs meet at our Hall on Tuesday evenings, between 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Our Cubs wear their uniform at these meetings, which includes their Cub uniform shirt, 4th Kingsgrove scarf along with beige or stone coloured pants or shorts, and comfortable shoes and socks.

This is the second age unit or section of the Scouting Journey and kids can start at any time.

A note about Cubs

Cubs in our Cub Pack or Unit, focus more on exploring the outdoors, setting challenges and encountering new experiences whilst safely supported by our Leaders and adult helpers.

Cubs is about having fun and making friends. We play lots of games, but we also start to learn about scouting and scouting skills. You’ll be able to go on camps to try new games and test your skills, and visit scout camps for the older Scouts where you see what they do.

Cubs go on hikes, learn to tie knots, cook, play team games, build things and do craft. They also had the opportunity to attend Cuboree last year, which is a 5-day standing camp where they met Cubs from all over NSW and have loads of fun. We also interact with other Cub units in our District and have joint camps, outings and campfire nights, so they have regular opportunities to make new friends and try new things.

Some of the things our Cubs did last year included: canoeing, indoor rock climbing, hiking, camping on our Group Camp in November, attended days out at the South Met Region Camp in June and more. Our Cubs also have regular opportunities to help in the community such as at Bunnings BBQ’s, bush regeneration and marching with veterans on ANZAC Day.

There are also special interest area badges Cubs can earn, as well as their milestone badges, outdoor adventure skills and they can also choose to work towards the Cub Peak Award: The Grey Wolf Award.

Cub Scout Achievement Pathways

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We are based in the heart of Kingsgrove, NSW.

Do your kids like making friends and going on adventures? Girls and boys aged 5-18 years can build lifelong skills with Scouts! Get in touch to find out more.

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