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Did you know that there has been a Scout group in Kingsgrove for over 60 years?


We offer opportunities for children and young people aged from 5 through to 18, to challenge themselves and grow.

4th Kingsgrove Scout group started in 1952 as the 32nd Catholic Air Scout Group. We were originally located in the Clune Centre, just down the road from where we are now.

In 1969 we moved to the scout hall in Kooreela Street, Kingsgrove, remaining there until 2002 when we moved to our current hall at 77a Shaw Street in Kingsgrove.

Scouting is one of the largest, and longest surviving, youth movements in the world. It was started in England in 1907 by Lord Baden Powell. Scouts around the world refer to Baden Powell as ‘BP’. The original intent of scouting is still the core of the movement today…

to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development of young people so they may play a constructive role in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local and international communities. This aim is achieved through a strong and active program that inspires young people to do their best and to always be prepared”.

Scouting is a little bit different to what it used to be, modern Scouting works on the principle of ‘Youth Leading, Adults Supporting’, where the older in age Scouts are, the more responsibility they take to organise and lead activities. Adult Leaders fill a support function that purposefully allow youth members to develop leadership and organisational skills.

We empower young people to lead and make decisions and learn whilst they are doing it. Our adult leaders support them in a safe environment and offer guidance along the way.

Scouting Builds Resilience for Life

Scouts Australia partnered with Resilient Youth Australia in 2019 to investigate the impact of Scouting and the resilience of youth members. This was called the Scouts Australia Resilience Survey, with youth aged 8-18 right across Australia taking part.

The results and findings were remarkable to say the least!

They found that Scouts report to have an overall better life satisfaction than their peers, and that the longer they stay a part of Scouts, the more resilient they are likely to be. We call this, the Scouting Effect.



Our leaders are adult volunteers, who undertake regular training opportunities.

Group Leader: Bec (Rebecca) | Scouting name: Mao


  • Section Leader: Maureen | Scouting name: Mozzie
  • Assistant Joey Leaders: Lily | Scouting name: Keego
  • Trainee Leader: Cordelia | Scouting name: Galah
  • Venturer Helpers: Daniel, Jude and Thomas


  • Section Leader: Maria | Scouting name: Mysa
  • Assistant Cub Leaders: Judith | Scouting name: Shada, Kate | Scouting name: Bluey and Marcus | Scouting name: Bingo


  • Section Leader: Ben | Scouting name: Sparky
  • Trainee Leader: Michael | Scouting name: Bandit


  • Section Leader: Bec | Scouting name: Mao

Other Leaders and Adult Helpers:

  • Tim | Scouting name: Bagheera, Rix | Scouting name: Storm, Adam, Rowena, Vicki, Anne and Flo.
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We are based in the heart of Kingsgrove, NSW.

Do your kids like making friends and going on adventures? Girls and boys aged 5-18 years can build lifelong skills with Scouts! Get in touch to find out more.

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