Shoes for water activities

21 February 20240

All members of 4th Kingsgrove Scouts should wear fully enclosed shoes for water activities, this is a long standing policy for Scouts in our region and across the state.

Unfortunately youth members cannot wear crocs, thongs or sandals, including water sandals, when participating due to safety concerns. Dangers lurk beneath water, including sharp rocks, oyster shells and marine life, as well as awful things such as human litter, which could include syringes.

We recommend wearing a pair of old sneakers that can be hosed off or chucked into the washing machine, or you may wish to explore the option of proper water shoes – NOT water socks. There are a number of options available out there. Any water shoes should have a similar sole to a sneaker, rubber and flexible. If they are simply scuba shoes or are water socks, made of neoprene or soft materials with no proper sole, sharp objects will go right through.

We recommend the ones from Anaconda or similar stores, however there are affordable options available at Big W, Kmart and other retailers – just check they have a sole, and are not a soft bottom. If you find them on sale, we really recommend stocking up a few sizes too!

Kmart – all have proper soles:

Big W:

Or various options available at Anaconda, which are often on sale and wear well.

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