Australian Jamboree 2025

22 December 2023

The 26th Australian Jamboree will be held in 2025, in Queensland.

📅 When: 6 – 15 JANUARY 2025
📍 Where: Maryborough, Queensland

A Jamboree is a 10-day standing camp, where Scouts and Leaders from all over Australia and some overseas participants, gather together every 3 years. You can find the website for the NSW contingent, here: Registration closes in March.

These are the requirements for Scouts that wish to attend:

  • Must be a current registered Scout Section Member at the time of application and through until at least 15 January 2025. 
  • Must not have had their 15th birthday as of 6 January 2025 ie. Date of Birth after 6 January 2010. 
  • Must have met the requirements, before 1st December 2024: 
    • Program Essentials Milestone 1, as well as Outdoor Adventure Skills Stage 3 in Bushcraft, Bushwalking, and Camping. 
  • Must have completed 10 nights camping under canvas with the Unit or Patrol at a Scout camp. Three of those nights must be consecutive and camping with family or school is not considered within the ten nights. 
  • Must have approval from the Unit Council. 
  • Must have consent from their parents/guardians. 
  • Must be considered by their parents/guardians and Unit Council to be of both sufficient maturity and good behaviour to successfully participate in the event. 
  • Be approved by their Contingent Leader in line with their Branch policy.

Further requirements for Venturers and Leaders, can be found here: These requirements are to make sure that each youth member is adequately prepared and equipped for the full 10-day camp experience.

Camping nights

There is a requirement for 10 nights in a tent on Scout activities, referred to in Scouting, as ‘nights under canvas’. This is to make sure Scouts are capable of putting up, caring for and taking down their tents, as well as used to keeping their sleeping area, gear and tents clean – important when they will likely be sharing large tents in a group of their peers, and space may be limited.

Program Essentials Milestone 1

For a Scout, Milestone 1 consists of 6 sets of participation in the following areas: community, outdoor, creative and personal growth. They must also gain 2x assists and 1x lead for this milestone, this means assisting and leading activities for their Scout unit.

Outdoor Adventure Skills Stage 3

A youth member who has attained level 3 in their core outdoor adventure skills: Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping, is able to demonstrate that they are responsible and experienced. We would encourage you to go through Terrain with your youth member to see where they are currently at.

We are constantly programming and assessing all youth members, especially on camps and activities – for example, ‘I can protect myself when exposed to the sun while outdoors’. If a Scout does not wear sunscreen and refuses to wear a hat on an activity, we cannot sign this off. Or ‘I can demonstrate basic safe food handling and the importance of hygiene at camp’, and the Scout has not washed their hands for example and does not shower, or wears the same clothes for multiple days, we cannot sign this off. Scouting is about learning and doing, we need to see Scouts actively taking things on board and demonstrating they understand.

Some requirements can also be programmed into the weekly program or be run on a camp by the youth member, we encourage our Scouts to talk to their leaders. All Leaders would be very happy to allow a youth member to run an activity, especially running an activity with our Joeys or Cubs.

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