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30 May 20230

Whether your child is new to Scouting, they have moved up to a new section or they’ve just had a growth spurt, we’re all going to be buying a uniform shirt sooner or later! All members of 4th Kingsgrove Scouts wear a uniform shirt, along with our other uniform items.

There are two places to buy shirts – the NSW Scout Shop or online.

The NSW Scout Shop is based down in Port Kembla and is open during the week (great place to visit in the school holidays!). You can go in and try on shirts or other clothing items to your hearts content. The store is more than happy to take orders and payment over the phone – just call them on 02 4274 1193, and they will post it up pronto.

The NSW Scout Shop is located at 85 Wentworth St, Port Kembla. Just google the store for opening hours or call the number above.

The other option is to visit the national online store: https://scoutshop.com.au/. You can check out all the options and go from there. Postage will take a little longer than getting it via the NSW store as they are based in VIC.

  • 🦘 Joeys have a polo shirt with the rusty brown/red yoke.
  • 🐺 Cubs have a choice of the polo or the woven button-up style with the yellow yoke.
  • ⚜️ Scouts have a choice of the polo or the woven button-up style with the green yoke.
  • ⛺ Venturers wear the button-up style with a maroon yoke.

Note that when youth members have moved up to their next section, they need to be wearing the proper coloured shirt soon after, in order to be invested in that section. Additionally, without it, they are unable to wear any of the section-specific badges they may earn such as SIA’s (special interest badges) or the Introduction to Section badges.

If you are interested in selling your child’s shirt when they move up or grow out of it, we recommend this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/scout.uniform.eXchange

We are also happy to take donations of shirts, provided they are in wearable condition, as there are always people after one.

It is not necessary to purchase all the other uniform items on offer in the Scout Shop, though you are certainly welcome to if you wish. We do wear beige/stone coloured pants, that are available via the Scout Shop or places like Anaconda if you want the hiking style ones the leaders wear. Otherwise, pants and shorts in these colours are readily available at most clothing retailers, including Big W, Target, Best & Less and other stores.

Closed shoes are also a must, we cannot let youth members participate in games that involve running for example if they are wearing thongs or sandals, as it becomes a safety issue.

Any questions, please just ask, we don’t bite 🙃

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