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11 March 20230

We strive to keep communications streamlined for all our 4th Kingsgrove families and have a number of ways that we will notify you of when things are happening, but there are also additional options that you are welcome to participate in at your leisure.


  • WhatsApp: All age sections have a WhatsApp group for parents and carers, managed by our Parent Committee. If you would like to be added to the relevant group for your child or children, please reach out to us. Be sure to include the relevant child’s name, what section or unit they are in and your relationship to them.
  • Facebook Group: We maintain a closed Facebook group for all 4th Kingsgrove families to stay in touch and ask any questions. Please answer the questions when joining which ask what section your child is in and their names. We often share photos and videos in this group to save spamming everyone.
  • Email: Our Parent Committee and our Leaders will often send out an email if there’s something relevant you need to know or something is coming up.


Operoo is an online system used to communicate with parents and manage youth member details, such as medical conditions, contact preferences etc. When you join Scouts you will be asked to set up an Operoo profile for your child / children and at least one parent or carer. This will be the primary way that we communicate with you to send information about upcoming events.

In this system you can upload any medical or allergy forms and create profiles for your family members as well. You can learn more about Operoo at:

Scout Event

Another system that has been set up by Scouts NSW over the past year, is Scout Event:

This system often has events that your youth member(s) can attend, and often families, such as bushwalks, camps and other adventurous activities. Please note that not all events are open to all ages, so be sure to read them carefully. We will also share any relevant events via our Facebook group and social media channels, especially if some of our leaders may be attending or in some cases, are running.

Scout Event is also the system used for larger camping events such as the upcoming 5-day camp for Cubs later this year, Cuboree and the Joey Region Camp in April. You register and pay through Scout Event.

The events are broken down into Regional categories and the main state-wide category for Scouts NSW. If an event is only in a specific Region’s category, it is usually restricted to Scouts from that region. We are in South Metropolitan Region, so the two categories to keep an eye on are:

Note that you may see some of our Region events also in the Scouts NSW category, this means they are open to anyone from Scouts across NSW. Something to keep an eye on as well, is that some events have specific opening and closing dates, and may be set to specific numbers. Any events that a Joey attends will need a parent to also register as well to attend.

Social Media

We are on social media! You can find us on both Facebook and Instagram:

We would encourage you to follow us and engage, you’re also welcome to invite your extended family and friends to follow or like us!

Regarding photos or videos of the children, you will often see theme from a distance, behind or top-down, this is because we are aware of the importance of privacy for our youth members and their families, and respect that some parents may not wish their child’s face to be shown close-up. We would love to share more of our kids happy smiling faces, and show off what they have been up to, so you are welcome to get in touch with Bluey and let her know if you are OK with photos being used. Sometimes we will ask too, if we know we have some amazing photos that we would love to share with everyone.

On the subject of photos, we also share many in our private Facebook group, so would encourage you to join!


We also have our website, which you are on if you are reading this news post!

We regularly post news here and also keep a larger calendar of events which you can find located under Calendar, available via the News menu:

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